Remote Polysomnographic Scoring

ScoringHelpers is the easy, efficient and affordable alternative to your sleep scoring needs!

Who we are?

ScoringHelpers is a professional group of registered and experienced sleep scorers, available to help score your sleep studies accurately and affordably. All of our scorers are currently credentialed through the Board of Registered Polysomnograpic Technologists (BRPT), each with over 5 years’ experience scoring an array of clinical sleep studies.

What we do?

At ScoringHelpers, we focus on what we do best…SCORING! Your technologists work hard running studies and focus on many things during the night, from patient care to monitoring therapy, and are still responsible for scoring. Let us help by removing the distractions and multi-tasking, so they can make patient care the priority. Let scoring your sleep studies carefully and consistently, be our priority!

Why choose us?

Reputation and reliable results are important to us at ScoringHelpers, and we pride ourselves on working hard to maintain and offer you this and more. We would like the opportunity to help you with your scoring needs, whether temporary or long-term, no matter what your situation is. We want your sleep lab to take assurance in knowing that there is an easy solution to difficult situations, like a growing backlog of studies or employees unexpectedly out sick or on vacation.